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Ryan Westwood is a singer-songwriter based in Portland Oregon. His single, "Moon", will be released to all platforms on May 7th, 2021. Sporting an intricate rhyme scheme, exquisite descriptions of the celestial, and a sexy smooth bass line, "Moon" encourages listeners to reimagine their relationship with the celestial. Songwriting is the core of his artistic expression. Writing music feeds his soul in uncountable ways. He's constantly coming up with new songs. So much music is coming out of him he can barely keep track of it. He's crafting music that hurts, music that heals and music that loves. He's so excited to share all of this incredible music with you.  Join him on Patreon for weekly original music downloads, catch him on Instagram at 5:30pm Pacific every Wednesday for a live concert, or dig deep into all of his videos on You Tube.