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“Manifest" is a positive Hip-Hop project by mOody bLaCk that occupies a pivotal position in the current state music that has emerged to be source of adding soul, testimony, and "speaking things into existence!" mOody bLaCk pays apt tribute to those who endure the challenges to accomplish dreams and goals throughout his opus, infusing tracks with an invigorating hybrid of Neo-Soul, R&B, Blues, and Hip-Hop. Manifest is from a man who clearly acknowledge his flaws and recognize that it takes hard work to accomplish your dreams. Fellow South Carolinian and Executive Producer Demallo provide raw backing vocals on "The Long Way," a relentless rhythmic cacophony in which deep bass and concussive drum kicks rattle the brain harder than a Mack truck, but gives light to mOody's personal journey. "Enjoy the Ride" brings the spirit of a summer time cook out and a great feeling of being alive to the forefront, featuring smooth R&B vocals by St. Louis' own Stephanie "Songbird" Ivy. On "Watch Me," mOody gets ill over an addictive track supplied by A-Major. Barryle Young's awe-inspiring vocal arrangements on "So Beautiful" make it the most beautiful hip-hop piece by a rapper to appear in years. The list is seemingly unending, also featuring Brad Keaton, Sharhonda Williams, Kai Love, L.C. Branch, Pat Styles, A. Bonds, and Max Hightower. "Manifest" is a good way to start your 2021!