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Trapnest is a producer / engineer / DJ / pianist that comes from a small town of a country forgotten by God; passionate about music since he can remember a single thing , he is always looking for new influences that will allow him to create and share his musical vision with the world. His approach to sound is simple: create music that allows him to tell tales without any words, to create images without any visuals, to make the listener experience a unique story and leave them craving for more…… Genre? Pffff, why feel limited to one or two specific genres when there is access to all the music that has and will ever be created. Co-Founder of the up and coming Third Tribe Studios, located in the hearth of Newark, home to one of the most diverse cultural scenes in the United States, he is no stranger to collaborating with all sorts of artists from all sorts genres to create a really unique blend between his specialty, electronic music, and any genre that might come his way.