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THE SIREN STORY: The Siren, was a winged creature who protected the Goddess Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. One spring solstice, Persephone wandered off through a field of flowers and was abducted by Hades to the Underworld where he forced her to marry him. The Siren failed in her sworn duty to protect Persephone, was stripped of her wings and banished from Mount Olympus to an island off the coast of Sicily. She would remain there until she found Persephone and returned her home safely. Illusions of Grandeur “IOG”, a Theatrical Hard Rock/Fantasy Metal band based in Lancaster, PA. IOG took the PA and NJ scenes by storm, debuting “The Siren Saga” live show. The Siren Saga is a story of the journeys, perils, and triumphs of the Siren and her warriors.

The story mixes facts and fiction combining Greek and Norse Mythology, Sirens and Archangels. The debut album “The Songs of the Siren” was released 8/30/2019. IOG’s fierce and energetic live show has gained them a legion of fans dubbed “The Siren Nation” who follow them worldwide, at live shows, and on social media. Fans also like In This Moment, HELLYEAH, Lacuna Coil, Godsmack and others. The Siren Saga: She must venture to the Underworld and take Persephone from Hades. Alone and haunted by her past, if she was to have any chance of success, it would mean pushing herself towards her own self-destruction. After all, anyone who had ever faced the God of the Underworld has never returned...