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Marveline is a new project for Pete Marley, one half of the song-writing duo behind Sydney’s retro-pop masters The Nature Strip, who released three albums and two EPs from 2013 to 2018. That band’s on an extended hiatus, and Marveline is releasing its first record - a 12-track album called Savoury- Toothed Tiger. It’s an eclectic collection. From the pulsing synth-rock of Monkey Mind, via the guitar riffery of Turpentine to the Bhutan-inspired Magic Umbrellar, with a detour to the sweet acoustic menace of Go To Sleep, Savoury-Toothed Tiger ranges happily across the blurry boundaries of rock, power-pop & atmospheric instrumentals. There’s a love-song to the universe, (Made Of Stars), a dark tale of addiction, (Bright Lights Of Despair), and a purposely clichéd 70s TV tune, (Theme From An Imaginary) Cop Show. The mix of electronic textures with electric guitars might bring to mind The National or even Radiohead, while the rock and melody points towards the likes of Swervedriver or Even. Marley played pretty much everything on the album, with the exception of live drums from Nature Strip percussion guru Jess Ciampa, and guest appearances by other musical friends. There is a band, and there’ll be some live action - eventually. “Savoury-Toothed Tiger is a pocketful of pure pop, with some sunshine and humour for the age of isolation and yet leavened by darker observations and the odd touch of melancholia” Backseat Mafia - May 12, 2020