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Music Composer, Electronic Music Producer, and Sound Designer specializing in producing music and audio assets for video games, short films, animations, advertisements, audiobooks, podcasts, and other multimedia. In his youth, Jim played drum set and guitar in multiple garage-style bands, sang in his high school's select vocal jazz group, acted in school plays, and musicals, and even recorded a full-length album with his high school band. He eventually joined a Music program at a local community college, majoring in Classical guitar. He learned Music Theory, improved his sight reading, sight singing and took composition classes. He also gained an interest in electronic music production and began producing his own songs. He put out some independent albums and started releasing Youtube videos related to making music. With an interest in making music a full-time gig, he started researching and learning about the industry; Royalties, music contracts, licensing, performance rights organizations, etc. With his new knowledge, he ended his college days with an AAS in Music and launched a commercial music business where he wrote music for advertising agencies, film makers, podcasters, video game companies and indie game developers. Today, Jim is a Music Composer and Sound Designer. He continues to produce music and design sound for various projects. His favorites styles of music to produce include Future Bass, Chiptune, Lofi Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Orchestral music.