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"Streets flooded, torrential winds blowing up the dust on the streets into our eyes, scorching temperatures that boil us out of our homes.... The world is dying and we're stuck on it. And all that's on my mind is you..." My Arrival began life when three souls wandered into a single room with the intention to write music from a different perspective than they had done so before: shorter and accessible songs, without losing any of their intended intensity and progressive roots. The result of this collaboration is their upcoming album entitled “Satur9 & Indigo”. “Strange… Despite knowing it’s the end for mankind as we know it, there’s not a day passing by that you’re stuck in my head, occupying the thoughts that should be working on a way out of here, a solution that will help us find a new home. But if home is where the heart lies, I’d give everything to have you back with me…” Intricate but elegant in sound, the music is made possible by the gentle weave of synths and guitars atop steady bass and drums, with vocals telling us the melancholic story of a man with a bleeding heart on a dying planet, desperate to find a new home.