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Laura Musgrave returned to releasing music in 2018 after a decade-long break. The Leicestershire (UK) singer-songwriter’s music has since been featured on BBC Music Introducing, Women of Substance Radio and Get In Her Ears. The break from recording not only gave Laura the chance to feel more comfortable with her blend of pop-rock and alternative music. It also helped her to find inspiration in other genres too, including folk, country and blues. Early influences were a mix of mainstream and independent artists.

“I’m still especially passionate about independent music to this day,” Laura notes, “both as a fan and an artist”. In terms of writing a song, Laura says it’s being able to relate that’s most important: “It has to be something that moves you, whether that’s emotionally, mentally, physically. If you don’t have that connection to your own songs, I feel like listeners can sense that. Music is powerful in that way. If a song is meaningful to you, you’ll remember every note and every word for years to come.”