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Mama Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist, psychic, mother and community organizer known for her emotionally provocative performance, writing, visual art and modeling. She leads by example, showing her fans that it is safe to express themselves and then creating safe spaces within her community as well as in the hearts and minds of her listeners to do just that. Mama Rose blends genres of hip-hop, jazz, country, pop, alternative rock, spoken word, funk and soul to create a wide variety of sonic and lyrical experiences. She is the sol-contributor of her blog, which houses her visual art, poetry, monthly affirmation columns in the Edge Magazine, psychic healing, ceremonial and creative coaching services, events and more. Mama Rose's creates not only bridges between musical genres but also between art-forms, as she often blends her many talents into solo and collaborative projects. She also bridges concepts through her art including sexuality, motherhood, spirituality, metaphysics and more. Her content, whether music, modeling, writing or otherwise, focuses heavily on relationships including inter-personal relationships, relationship with self and other, relationship with a higher power, relationship with authority, relationship with our bodies and minds and relationship with our past. Mama Rose creates guided meditations, recorded music, performance art, visual art, dance, modeling, workshops, community events, spoken and written poetry and more.