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Take a bunch of violin melodies, layer them carefully. Add a handful of synthesizers and drum machines. Stir well. Take reverb and delay. Season with improvisation to taste. Now close your eyes and enjoy. And even though this sounds like a recipe to All Reitz Reserved’s sound – you will not ever get the same result twice. In his latest work, Chris Reitz is orbiting around a few select instruments. The transition from the digitally controlled surroundings of computers and controllers to organic machines and sound elements leads up to the release of “Refractions” in November 2020. Chris is using the electric violin as a means of emotive expression while fueling his live sets with interactive elements such as synthesizers, drum machines and effect pedals. Chris’ influences vary from the roots of ambient and electronic music to 90’s triphop and deep house. Being a sucker for dreamy and colorful soundscapes, he uses real-world textures and ambiances to give his works a pictorial connotation, effectively combining synthetic and organic sounds alike. Chris is convinced that live music should be given space to breathe, grow and evolve, improvisation is a key factor for his live performances, enabling him to interact and connect with his audiences.