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Who the hell reads these biographies? Apparently YOU do!! Welcome to my Spotify page..!!!!!! This is what my life solely is about... Making different and weird tunes for ya'll ears! My hopes are to bring you some joy, happiness and hopefully to make you see the world in another way - than you did before. Damn that sounded too pretentious.... Ehm... You know what. Forget I you just read. Hopefully you will like my music. IF you do, give this page a follow! If you don't, I can strongly these artists:

Rebecca Black, DJ Aligator, Taylor Swift, Günther. Pro tip from me: Do not gamble. The house always wins. Fuck all these casinos. Buy stocks in Tesla or flowers to your mother instead. Shout out to my man and Ceo of Spotify, Daniel Ek, for making it possible for me to make a living out of music. If you find this. Write to me on Instagram: alfons_music Contact to Alfons: You are NEVER alone. Take mental health issues very seriously. TALK about it with your closest - or even DM me if you want. Take CARE.