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This is the Spotify page of The Reverb Junkie (that’s me!). I compose, sound engineer, sing, play, and produce music. I have done so for over 20 years now and that feels like a long time, but also a really short time. I also make visual art and crunch lettuce with my teeth. I would, however, have to say my favorite food item in the world is really really really good toast or a tasty island fruit. During my school years, I practiced composition and performance for most of my free time, then I caught the performing bug and toured the continental US in a electro-jam-pop band called My Dear Disco (also known as Ella Riot). I finished out my performing phase by participating in NBC’s fourth season of The Voice. My roots are in making music behind the scenes and am most nurtured by making sound-art in the studio to (hopefully) serve as good company and resonate your feelies (feelies?!) (Yes! Feelies!). So kick off your kicks, click around, and make yourself at home.