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Laura Mendes was born in France from Portuguese parents. She spent a happy and loving childhood, surrounded by her siblings, to whom she has always been very close. Immersed in the world of music from a very early age, she soon feels particular interest in singing, mainly by discovering musicals such as High School Musical. Laura sees in her family an inexhaustible source of inspiration and motivation. In fact, her parents have always encouraged and supported her in all her artistic choices. Of a discreet nature, Laura is a sensitive artist, who reveals her emotions through her passion for music. It is a real mean of expression and emancipation for her. Laura has very eclectic musical tastes and receives various influences, including from her favourite artist Demi Lovato, who she deeply admires for the quality of her high artistic work. Her album is a reflection of this variety of sounds and legacies. Her world is surrounded by universal themes such as the death, the departure of a loved one, the breakup. She rejects and does not hesitate to denounce all forms of injustice and selfishness. Aware that only labor is the real key to success, she provides all the necessary means to surpass herself because, as she points out so well: "Nothing happens for nothing." He is immediately impressed by the strength of her performances and the emotion she transmits. Laura is a promising artist who is already making a name of herself... Stay tuned!