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Meet David Benjamin; half musician, half spiritual gangster. With his signature style acoustics and soothing vocals he is bound to sing his way into your heart leaving you with an open mind. The upbeat 6.5’ tall Dutch native has made it his mission not just to sing something, but to tell his truth. Propelled by his own spiritual soul-journey David’s songs started to peal back the layers of life. One by one. Bringing a new purpose to his reality and songwriting. His songs are crafty pop pastries laced with subtle inspirational charm in which a sweet center of deeper meaning can be discovered beneath the surface. His uplifting and soul awaking sound stands as an open invitation to anyone who cares to meet the truest version of themselves. Lyrically cheerful but articulate, empathetic and generous, is how David Benjamin tells his stories. And with that he has found his lane. One on which he invites us all to lose our inhibitions, and enjoy the wild waves of life. Raising vibrations and expanding consciousness be there ebb or flow. All David needs is an acoustic guitar, his song and the present moment. The rest is up to us.