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Heroes Don't Ask Why is a Finnish rock band formed in 2015. Their musical style is hard to describe as it contains a lot of different elements, but it's simply Divorce Rock - a genre they invented. In 2016 band made their first official EP release named simply Heroes Don’t Ask Why. In 2018 Divorce Records released their second EP ’Sound of a broken heart’. They played some shows with high-profile finnish bands. 
 In the beginning of 2019 band found the missing piece of the puzzle: drummer Eero Mäkitalo. A highly talented multi-instrumentalist whose involment with new songs was imminent. He breathed a fresh air to new songs and band started to plan their next release. As Covid-19 cancelled their album recording plans, they started to plan their first full-length album ’All these days’. Divorce Records will release the album June 24th 2021. . 
 . HDAW is: 
 Jussi Pajunpää - vocals, guitar Matias Kaunisvesi - guitar, bgv Jussi "Johnny" Kivioja - bass, bgv Eero Mäkitalo - drums