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Flowing instrumental metal from Paris, France. Each song in the EP « Motions » is inspired by an emotion. The ones that move you and get you to another place. For each song I developed ideas keeping in mind these feelings that translates into riffs, melodies, rhythms and grooves. Born in 1994 in Rennes (France), I started playing guitar at the age of 11. Since then I never stopped playing, music becoming more and more important in my life. Originally studying Computer Sciences, I quit and finally graduated at the Music Academy International in 2016. Right after this formation I joined my actual band Think of A New Kind that made me move to Paris and start my musical carreer. I play in several bands whether it be as a session guitarist or permanent member. I always wanted to make my own music but never found the right moment. I gathered all my influences and experience acquired over the past few years to give birth to my first EP, “Motions”. Bands like Intervals, Plini, Monuments, As I Lay Dying, mostly bands with groove and strong melody-based songs are my main inspirations. Besides my musical projects, I have other activities closely linked to music. I give guitar lessons to my students, do sheet music transcription, work as backliner and stage manager for gigs in Paris and produce eclectic music projects at my home studio. Proudlu endorsed by ESP Guitars. Business Email : thisisorrow@gmail.com