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Buddhakai is a truly dynamic rapper based in Denver, with personal and sonic roots firmly planted in New Jersey. The Wu-Tang comparison is easy to draw given his incredibly forceful delivery over boom bap, and penchant for using vocal inflection and cadence switch-ups to sound like multiple characters. But Buddhakai’s content sets him apart. He’s a proud and sober man of God, and while for most artists that means one-dimensional storytelling, for Buddhakai it means the opposite. His positive present is starkly contrasted by his drug-fueled tumultuous past, and he pours both lives into his music. As an emcee he understands and speaks to such a range of experiences that he unifies otherwise estranged audiences.  
 Years of dominating stages in New Jersey with his guttural delivery and razor sharp timing earned Buddhakai a spot on D&D Project II in the early 2000s, sharing the album with the likes of Big Daddy Kane, RA The Rugged Man, The Alchemist, DJ Premier, and more. His 2013 release, Clock Strikes 13 expanded on the creativity that gained him recognition, using catchy hooks to compliment detailed and metaphoric storytelling. Since his return to music in 2017, Buddhakai has focused on forging inspirational, life-changing lyrics on top an array of diverse instrumentals and hooks, giving birth to the hard-hitting, positive Hip Hop album, “Timeless.”