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i had a really groovy bio someone else wrote here talking about all the cool artists i've worked with, all the awards/nominations and tons of capital letters... but in hindsight it felt a little disingenuous considering y'all are already ON the page and probably don't care about that stuff. so instead i'll just say thank you for being here and listening to the music i make - i pour my heart into every lyric, every melody, every production, and without fail before release think somehow not a soul is gonna hear it. it blows me away to hear the stories from y'all of how the music has become a part of YOUR stories.. truth be told it is what keeps me doing this every day. i've got a million people to thank for the privilege of making music for a living but we'll leave that for another platform. come say hi on ig/twitter/carrier pigeon, sometimes i go live and forget the words/chords to my own songs. big love josh oh and the y'all is 100% legit - my parents are from alabama/georgia. but also it is one of the greatest bits of slang in the english language.