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Kanot is Jesper Jarold and Anton Kolbe. With their wide open ears and sharp sense of adaptation they have been involved in some of the last year’s most interesting Swedish experimental music acts - Fontän, Ultra Satan, Tross, Uran GBG and more. As an almost given consequence of their west coast origin they have plowed through psych-rock, dark electronica, garage disco, leftfield & krautrock and with Kanot found their way out through a self made portal of uplifting and adventurous music. Their paths crossed somewhere in the unpolished cityscape of Gothenburg and in the spring of 2018 the first track was layed down. In the melodies you can notice the tweaked echoes of swedish folk music wispering from a far distance. Fretless bass, afro rhythms, 1987 digital guitar and theatrical synthesizers make up a futuristic sound with plenty of references back to the golden era of psychedelic music. Their first 7" single Bottenmannen/La Dance Des Corneilles, released on Gothenburg based Höga Nord Rekords met wide appreciation from acclaimed DJs such as Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson & Tim Sweeney. On this release Kanot teamed up with experimental singer Lindha Kallerdahl, giving the two tracks a somewhat hidden layer of spiritual depth. On later single releases in the spring of 2020, as well as on their latest release on Nantes based Abstrack Records they consequently collaborate with different vocalists as part of the instrumentation.