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Gelsea Mae

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About this Artist

Posted By Gelsea Mae

Gelsea Mae was born on February 25 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Mae grew up performing in several musicals and studied classical piano at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, graduating with First Class Honors and taught herself the guitar. Mae attended Sinclair Academy of Performing Arts where she practiced and competitively performed Ballet, later joining Stages Dance Academy where she learned the style of Hip Hop. After highschool, Mae moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she received a full scholarship and used it to study acting full time. At an early age, she discovered her love for singing and songwriting and has now found herself charting on Spotify's top playlists with her her singles "Need You Now" and "Wildfire." Besides acting, singing and dancing, Mae has also tapped into the world of fashion, where she modeled in Asia and was named a top international beauty and talent by two of the biggest networks in China, GDTV and CCTV.

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