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AIRPLANE started out in 2004 as a small group of friends from Brussels with a bit too much time on their hands. Over the years, AIRPLANE has grown into the band of 9 it is today and gradually shifted more and more into the direction of ska and Balkan without really sticking to a single genre (or two, or three). As long as their music is able to stir up some good dance moves from the audience, all is good! Each member of AIRPLANE has their own background in terms of musical interests, but bands like Babylon Circus, Parov Stelar, Ska-P and Manu Chao are definitely important sources of inspiration. Live performances are what AIRPLANE does best; bringing insane amounts of energy, catchy tunes and funky rythms on stage and transferring this to the audience. With memorable gigs all over Belgium like Vijverfestival, Kampioenschap van Brussel (audience award), Mano Mundo, Bruksellive and many others!