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Growing up amidst musical aspirations, DYKLESH always had an affinity towards music. This passion was ignited when he was watching his musically inclined friends, playing and trying out different sounds. His desire for music drove him to join with his friend, brother and partner PVSO and together they pushed their music to reach new heights. Born in Congo, Africa, where he fell in love with the music. By playing drums while in company of his mother & grandmother in the family church. DYKLESH moved then to Demark, Europe at a young age, where he spent the major part of his life. Having affiliations with different cultures and arts, DYKLESH experimented with a variation of music styles. He tried different vibes from Afro to Rnb to Trap. He's like

a ‘chameleon’ that can adapt to any circumstance. The turning point for DYKLESH came in 2018, when he and his friend met with Oliwer, who also shared the same passion as the other two. This is when the excitement started, and he thrust along to find their unique sound and style. This exclusive flair along with sound design and production capabilities has made Dyklesh a master of his craft and it is his dedication and commitment to integrity that sets him apart and at par with long-time professionals. Culmination of his efforts has resulted in great success. His is now bringing to the table, an aggressive new sound, featuring a lot of BASS. His newest realease Chaud really shows what DYKLESH is capable of.