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Kirill Bogomilov - composer, multi-instrumentalist & songwriter, performer of Original Slavic Epic Music on 25-strings plucked helmet-shaped Gusli with expression of sounds of balkanic flutes. Kirill is one of the leaders of the newest generation of Russian traditional musicians, fusing the traditional forms and instruments with those of other cultures, which is expressed as a heroic-fantasy music, translating of those high adventures and epic folk tales (bylinas). This music literally immerses you in the breath of the echoes of antiques Myths and Legends, connecting a different cultures of the ancient world of old-Slavic and European civilizations. Helmet-shaped Gusli it's a type the authentic ancient wooden instrument with ancient Roots, similar kantele or zither (slavic harp). Gusli was tied in the old-slavics national epic to the art of rune & folk tales singing in two ways: as an instrument used to accompany rune singing and as a significant motif of the runes. It's deeply rooted in the epic & medieval slavic music of the legendarian heroes Boan and Sadko - who was a wandering guslar-minstrel, the Novgorod-native bard-romantic and national mighty hero. I hope that my music inspire You to make your dreams come true!

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