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Christian Quast found his way to electronic music in the young age of thirteen and back the progress of his music always was one of his major priorities. Additionally he then already experimented with music software on Commodore C-64 and later the good old Amiga 500. Caused by lots of long nights in Hamburgs Clubs, especially the UNIT, Christian`s affection to electronic sounds developed more and more and resulted 1991 in first steps to an own music studio. Christian Quast participated in projects like Classic the Fist, Praefutura, Open Source and Yatsuo Motoki feat. Paul Sanchez Jun., PROPAN, Beneath Dienstag with his jazzy saxophon sounds, Platte 19 with their percussion beats and the great voice of Shirin. Christian Quast released so far on labels like: BPITCH Control, Force Inc., Safari Electronique, Glückskind Schallplatten, Neopren, Meerestief, Ironbox Music, Snork Enterprises, Kickboxer (Sublabel of Boxer Sports), Night Drive Music, futureaudio, Salto to name a few. Until now he played in famous clubs like the Tresor (Berlin), Phonodrome (Hamburg), Depot (Stuttgart), Golden Gate (Berlin), Chillen & Grillen (Regensburg), Waagenbau (Hamburg), Magdalena (Berlin), Hafenklang (Hamburg), Noise Invaders (Prague) to name a few. Full bio: