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Pic (c) Stefaan Temmerman As he turned 18 in 2010, Antoine Pierre joined the regular band of Belgian guitar legend Philip Catherine which allowed him to tour extensively in various important leading jazz venues and festivals in Europe and abroad. In 2014, Antoine and bassist Nicolas Thys joined TaxiWars, the brand new band formed by dEUS frontman Tom Barman and saxophonist Robin Verheyen.

Antoine Pierre releases his first album as a leader, 'URBEX' in 2016 on Igloo Records. After having played more than 30 concerts throughout Belgium and around, Urbex released their second album 'Sketches Of Nowhere' in April 2018. With Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Bert Cools, Bram de Looze and Félix Zurstrassen. 'NextApe' is another side of Pierre’s multiple-sided artistic personality: an alternative/jazz/rock/electronic international quartet gathering Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa, Luxembourgish keyboardist Jerôme Klein, and Belgian guitarist Lorenzo Di Maio. Besides his own bands URBEX and Next.Ape, Pierre is a pro-active sideman who has been performing with various world-class musicians such as a.o. Enrico Pieranunzi, Didier Lockwood, Jacky Terrasson, Stéphan Belmondo, Logan Richardson, Perico Sambeat,... Antoine is currently an active member of Jean-Paul Estiévenart trio, TaxiWars, Philip Catherine Quartet, Veronika Harcsa/Balint Gyemant Quartet, Tree-Ho!, LG Jazz Collective,…