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Meet The Coolest Nerd, Maxx Calzz A creative artist focused on living his life to the max! Striving to inspire and motivate others through his passions, Maxx always leads by example. From creating music and engineering top quality audio, video gaming, and even through giving daily motivation, his vision is clear. Using lyrics to foster growth and promote positivity, Maxx Calzz is one artist determined to use his platform to initiate change in communities of all sizes and standings. Unsatisfied with the practicalities often associated with being a bookworm, he began to use his advance understanding of the human language to inspire his peers and create art. This often leads Maxx to be surrounded by some of the most creative individuals and trendsetters in their field, paving the way for others like him to liaise amongst diverse cultures and industries. This is The Coolest Nerd.