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Coming from inside feelings, and random thinking of her clouded mind, she brings out her music, simple and personal, meaningful yet open to interpretation. Indie rock/latin rock, singer songwriter, guitarist, producer, and artist invite you to take a walk through her thoughts and create a connection Growing up, her scaped from this reality always was music, she says “I’ve always felt like Alice in wonderland, confuse and misunderstood, anxious to grow, but lost in this big world, maybe somebody can listen to one of my songs and feel better, that someone else feels the same way” Born and raise in Cali, Colombia, At fourteen she fell in love with the electric guitar and began to write her first songs. At seventeen she form the alternative rock band, “Smoking Alice”, and participate in different local rock festivals In 2012 she decide to go solo, and release her first musical production entitled "Make the change.” Since them she has been included in different international compilations such as Gustavo Stereo, a tribute to Gustavo Cerati and Soda Stereo, and Eva Power produced by

Bela Records, indie label from Guadalajara Mexico, Also in Discos Urbanos Vol2 Compilation produced by David Mearkena from Lima, Perú She has work with band like Limbo From Argentina, Seol and Mono Zen from Mexico and Shiba from Brazil and now is working on her full length album.