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From chaos born, to greatness intended, the creator of worlds and words, the grandmother, the child, the voice that echoes. The sounds from the mind, from the body and from the soul, also the machine sounds, the tools that were given, the search that never ends. Once lost, still lost, but always me, not always here. Living and struggling, but living nevertheless, and taking what is mine. Beware, a divine creature and dust. Everything and nothing, yes and no. Death and life and death. Everything all over and back. Poor thing, so heavy and sad and happy and full of grace, full of light and darkness, and heavy. Crying a flood and cows coming to drink from, being the cows, extending past ourselves. Everything that there will ever be for once there is no me there is nothing. Drink from me, I am yours, I am life, I am freedom, I am doubt, I am nothing, I am you, I am Hey Hek.