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Bold and different. 
 On August 6, 2001, in the heart of Motown, a fierce and enthralling talent was born. SOFI K (18) has taken the world by storm with a voice and a vision that simply won’t be denied. 
 The cool, sophisticated demeanor SOFI K exudes in photos explodes into a whirlwind of personality once she hits the stage. The word “natural” is so often overused in the music industry, but that describes SOFI K down to her core – she is a natural, and her talent and innate affinity for music bubbles over at every turn. Her style, both on and off stage, is similarly complex and undoubtedly spellbinding; the buttery tone of SOFI K’s vocals fills each song with a richness and warmth that supports the emotion behind the lyrics rather than obscuring it. 
 SOFI K is able to take inspiration from legendary musicians and contemporary performers alike and morph it all into something new. A current of cool, bluesy neo-soul magic from Amy Winehouse; a dash of Duffy’s vintage look and sass; the approachability, charm, and pop-star prowess of Megan Trainor – it’s all there, but in a way that’s uniquely SOFI K.