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I dream music I’ve never heard before. I always have. Some of my compositions are from music I dreamt about. This all began when I wrote my first composition with a beginning, middle, end and a storyline when I was about 5-7 years old on the upright piano we had in our house. I played it for my grandmother who responded enthusiastically and encouraged me to compose my own music from that day forward. Through my life as I learned more about music, instruments, discovered more genres, I never wanted to perform. I’ve always been content to work in my private studio creating the music I wanted to create, for me to listen to. When someone else hears something I recorded and likes it, I feel good, but that acceptance by others is not my motivation. I simply hear music in my head 24/7, and most of it is stuff my brain is making up constantly on its own. Biologically I am half Cherokee, then Slavic and English. Thus my Cherokee themed compositions and Slavic themed umbrella project. I absorb all influences, though, and incorporate it all as it expresses itself through me in my musical works. You can find out more on The Volos Project web site (