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25 monthly listeners Five Pieces, Five Minutes: Much can be said about creativity and limitations. Let's keep it short. The maximum length of a video on Instagram is 60 seconds, it is also the time frame for the pieces on this album for piano, accordion, xylophone and glockenspiel. Each piece contains a video of the same length. The debut album (2017) received positive reviews in Sweden: "Is it art music? Yes, maybe. If you look at the complex arrangements and the different themes that are interlaced, it is correct to classify the music accordingly. Is it folk music? Yes, to some extent, but not in a traditional sense. More like cutting editions of Jan Johansson's interpretation of Swedish folk music has been updated, twisted and deconstructed." "Playful folk paraphrases" Kristjan Saag, Swedish National Radio P2. ”There are waltz measures and Francophile overtones; if a couple of the pieces are more assertive, or rhythmically dynamic, than others, the overall mood remains one of elegantly chiselled space, of fragmented reverie and reflection.” Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal

”...tillsammans med filmerna som gjorts till varje musikstycke blir det kongenialt.” Dan Backman (Svd)