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Not.Your.Regular.Boy. is Ferry de Ruiter from Amsterdam, breaking through every imaginable label both musically as well as personally. Music has been Ferry’s life ever since his childhood. When he was only 5 years old, his father started to dissect the arrangements of the music they were listening to and so make him aware of all the instruments. This has resulted in a broad spectrum of musical inspirations: from the 60s to the 90s, from The Beatles to Blondie and from Culture Club to Queen. When we say no labels, we mean NO labels. “I won’t identify myself as a man or a woman, but as a human, as Not.Your.Regular.Boy. I wanna go my way instead of the way that was laid out for me.” Participating in The Voice of Holland, he was the first person to ever appear on the show in full drag, which he was rewarded for by winning the Dutch Rainbow Award for Best Media Moment. But what do you do after The Voice? Not willing to sign away control over his image, songs and life, Ferry declined to continue walking the path chosen before. Instead he decided to act on his own. And now he is proving his point. So here we are, Not.Your.Regular.Boy is going for it. Together with Amsterdam-based producers collective Voice Calling Radio he recorded a multitude of songs of which Crazyland was the first single, Get Down Make Love the follow-up, It's All Yours came after that and now it's time for I Want You! 🔥