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Meet Elle Hollis one time and she’ll enter your heart. This adventurous young woman is a singer, lyricist and composer from The Netherlands. Her sound is best described as electronic pop music, characterized by her warm voice, bright lyrics and atmospheric sounds. Elle captures your emotions in her songs: “Since I can remember, my empathy has been high. I can relate to so many stories, people, friends and even movies, it’s what inspires me to write my songs. It’s the way my creativity flows.” 

 During her second year at university (studying English), the hunger for adventure bit her. Elle went on a creative trip to Stockholm and after several writing/recording trips to New York and Los Angeles, she flourished, traversing the ins and outs of the music industry while eating, breathing and sleeping pop music. 

Her musical career quickly picked up speed, with over half a million streams, blog support by a.o. Kaltblut and FGUK Mag and rotation on Radio 2, the #1 radio station in The Netherlands. 

Her goal is to make music that is so versatile that people can dance to it as well as be touched by the lyrics on a deeper level. Elle Hollis will be performing at Pinkpop 2021 : “I promise that I won’t hold back in releasing my music. I’ve found my personal sound. The sound that tells my stories. The songs that share my feelings and capture life. Mine and the lives around me.”