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Def Con Sound System is the experimental musical project of Toronto-based, Juno Award winning musician Adam Sewell.Since 1996, former Monster Voodoo Machine vocalist Adam Sewell has used 'Def Con Sound System' as a catch-all band name for various miscellaneous musical projects; including soundtracks, one-off live performances, and even a short lived full-on touring band.

In 2010 Sewell decided to make Def Con Sound System his full-time personal music project, and in 2011 released the single ‘Pistol Whipped’. A Clash-meets-1960s spy soundtrack sounding hybrid tune that hinted at where Sewell, and Def Con Sound System were headed musically. However, Sewell would then find himself busy over the next few years co-writing and producing the critically acclaimed retro-soul, debut solo album by former LOVE Inc vocalist Simone Denny titled