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Julia is a firm believer, that whatever you can imagine - you can have and live it. Having moved out of home at the age of 14, living on her own and studying in the cities like Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles, has been immensely helpful in shaping her personality, which certainly translates into her songs from her debut EP - “HEAR ME”.

Musically influenced by her family - mostly by an older brother - Julia takes great deal of inspiration from old school rock and modern European electronic music. Being a very emotionally sensitive woman - an artist - Julia finds music to be her air. "Songwriting is like therapy, as it is a perfect way to outsource genuine emotion, caused by real life stories and dreams sometimes, too. It's a perfect way to have a bit of fun, knowing that as a result I am connecting with people through my music and being able to touch them in some way, whatever way it may be, potentially inspiring emotion and feeling within one." “In 2 Deep” invites you to take a ride of somewhat angry, yet strangely positive heartbreaking sadness, that seductively floats you down a river of a much slower sound which “Cold Cold Night” unravels itself to be. The EP will wrap up with yet another sexy, cosmic “Up Against the Wall”,