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Briss Mula , I was born in San Jose, CA in 1991 and moved to San Diego, CA in 1994. I have been rapping since the age of 13. I am a artist and honestly a jack of all trades. I rap, sing, do skits and graphic design. Within this time I made a skit that went viral on vine called “CRASH THIS SHIT! IM READY TO DIE” reaching 10 million views (posted on YouTube now) and I have also joined a group called LXMB which grew my fan base even more. My most popular mixtapes and album out NOW are called SouthEast Tales, 2Hot4TV and MULA. I have worked with other artists in who you may or may not know by the names of: 2M , Ryan Anthony , Ryan Bowers, MarkTheShark ,Terrence Escobar, Juan Drigo , BassHead & Many More. I believe I have a flow that nobody else has and would LOVE for you to check my music out and tell me what you think. Hopefully I gain a new fan 🙏🏽💯