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Florida native, Nolan Van Murci has cultivated a lane for only himself. Prior to his solo career, he acquired notoriety for his remixes of “Can You Feel My Heart” by Bring Me The Horizon and “idfc” by blackbear. After several years of producing, Nolan Van Murci found a new approach with music and cultivated his signature sound he is well now known for. With a background in Alternative Rock and Electronic music, he decided to mesh the two worlds together. With his uplifting trance melodies to his cutting edge bass that gives off a melancholic feeling, It is clear to see that he stands out from the herd. Also known as the black sheep of the industry, You can tell that his style has no definition. Melodic maestro, Nolan Van Murci, is an absolute transcendental Christian artist. At the top of his game right now, Nolan's productions have gained support from artists such as Trevor Daniel, Sound Before Black and Aero Chord. Nolan has also garnered over 100,000 streams on Soundcloud, and those numbers are increasing at an exponential rate. It is apparent that this Florida native is striving on making a name for himself. Nolan's music speaks volumes to the Electronic and Alternative community. The way he captivates everyone's emotions hasn't gone unnoticed and it's very unrivaled to what anyone else can do in the genre he is pushing. Sounds Like Ekali, KRANE, Seven Lions, Skrux and Vincent.