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Across the vast seas of classical music, through the lush forests of folk and pop, and up the enduring mountain of downtempo ambient electronica, you will find IOKOKANOA. Her music is characterized by its rich, vibrant vocal harmonies, orchestral instrumental-synth arrangements, deep bass-lines, and beautiful words. IOKOKANOA’s journey started over 20 years ago as an opera singer, and though she experienced and performed some of the greatest vocal operatic and song masterpieces of all time, there was a deep sensation, a constant drumming within telling her to walk a different path. In 2010 she came upon the first fork in the road and began her departure from an opera-focused career. She started writing her own music and committed to making her way up the mountain of her soul. After 10 years of exploring and expressing, including a move from the United States to Berlin, Germany, she arrived in the divine chamber of her truest soul expression - and this is what you are hearing now - IOKOKANOA. It goes without saying that love and gratitude are core “non-musical” elements to IOKOKANOA’s expression. She utilizes her deep connection to inner and outer worlds to feel the space from which the music comes, and uses this feeling of vastness to guide her in composing. IOKOKANOA studied classical voice at San Jose State University (Bachelor of Music) and the prestigious University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (Masters of Music).Read more at