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Chump started at the end of the 90’s. Niko and Bruno, listening non stop to stuff like Green Day, NOFX, Lagwagon, Bad Relgion, No Use For A Name, decided to create a band so they can cover what they were listening to and also write their own songs. They have released some EPs between 2001 and 2005, have done a lot of shows and are involved in plenty of festivals all around Belgium. In 2005, they decided to leave the project as it is and were looking to other projects. After a 11 years break, Chump is finally back in 2016. They released, on August 1st 2016, « Ready To Strike » EP and played shows all around Belgium, openning for bands like Strung Out (USA), plenty of french bands (Topsy Turvy’s, Intenable, Reviens, Heavy Heat, …) and also Not On Tour (IL), Chine Shop Bull (UK), March (NL), Faintest Idea (UK). During summer 2017, Roman (bass) and Raf (drums) joined the band. They decided to go on tour trough France and Spain and kept on doing plenty of shows in Belgium. On March 2018, they recorded « Welcome To The Punk Rock Family ». The album was released on July 16th and received positive feedback worldwide. With this new album, the band is touring accross Belgium and Europe (Spain, France, Nederlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway) for more than 40 shows in 2018. End of 2018, for the scandanavian tour, Gilles joined the band (drums). With this current lineup, the band is doing 70+ shows in 2019 including tours in France , Switzerland, UK, Canada and USA.