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It is only her attraction to music itself that leads Morena, young singer based in Paris, to initiate an artistic career: no music theory teachers, no singing classes. In her teenage years, she buys herself her first guitar, and then a keyboard, whom will instinctively push her to write her own music: gradually she starts to own one note after another, and learns to master her wild yet fragile voice, and to give it a moving depth, without removing it’s double identity, made of harshness and sensuality. Her voice embodies her lyrics emotionally heavy, lyrics that she writes herself, inspired by her own stories. Music being the element through which she tends to overcome and transcend her own obstacles, one can hear a deep sensibility that she communicates with strength and fineness. In 2021 she then drops her first EP “SAD BOY HOURS”, signed by Opus Records and DMY distribution, and produced by Belfast, in which she invites us in her electric atmosphere shaded with pop and R’n’B melodies.