The Fathers of Morning


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    Am I Wrong?
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    Days and Days
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    Cocktail Umbrella
The Fathers of Morning is Ed Morgan, a one-man band based in Astoria, Oregon. Occasionally he is joined by a friend or two who contributes to the song.
Almost all the songs are written and recorded within three to four hours and then never worked on again. There are some mistakes and the songs vary in complexity but that is intended. Perfect music isn't perfect. The songs on every album are arranged in chronological order. They are moments in time. You can hear the progression from the earliest albums to the present day yet they all have a common thread.
Ed will play whatever musical instrument you put in front of him and generally focuses on the sound of the instrument rather than his technique. It's not unusual for a Fathers of Morning song to be created just for the sound of a kick drum or to try out a new microphone. When Ed started out playing drums in bands, he was the one who made all the recordings using his 4-track. He sees the mixing board, mics and the whole recording process as just another musical instrument. Even just random sounds and noise that exist in the environment make it onto the recordings. Anything that makes or alters audio waveforms is going to catch his interest. Ed really just likes the way things sound.


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