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Magic band from Ontario, Canada. Grab our new album on vinyl: https://heavyhearts.band/store Hailing from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Heavy Hearts is comprised of Justin Glatt (vocals/guitar), Jamie Gorman (bass), Riley Jensen (lead guitar), and Joey Demers (drums/percussion). Hot on the heels of bands like Bring Me the Horizon and into the realms of Citizen and Turnover, Heavy Hearts have been singled out by ​Alternative Press​ as one of the top bands leading an emo revival, even with the lacework of their constantly-evolving sound making it impossible to pigeonhole their style. B​olstered by the warm reception of their 2017 EP "On A Chain," ​Heavy Hearts have enjoyed success since introducing their debut album ​"Bliss" in 2016. ​Infusing unabashed emotional range and rugged lyricism into each new release, Heavy Hearts are fuelled by a willingness to experiment; from emo to post-punk, they run the alt-rock gamut.