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A guitar, a plane ticket, and a dream. In 2012, an 18-year-old Lean Bravo packed a suitcase and made his way across the Atlantic to Berlin. Fueled by his naivety and his dream to become a professional musician, he set on his quest in the search for everything. The next few years would see Lean developing his own style and collaborating with many different musicians, a product of which became his debut EP, Made to Fit. After a tour, some radio and festival appearances, and single releases, Lean is currently working on his follow up EP, while developing an exciting new sound and style. The upcoming EP will deal with topics such as moving to another continent to pursue new beginnings and the loss of identity that comes with it, and loving people who are far away. Will Lean find the peace and success he's been after? Stay tuned to find out. Yours Truly, Totally Not Lean Bravo