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Miami, FL based medley of loud & messy guitar riffs, disrespectfully brazen basslines, and domineering vocals. Bruvvy is an unapologetically raw take on rock & roll, a term which the members felt was in desperate need of a revamp. Liz Varum (vocals & guitar), Paula Bunich (bass), Nelson Gonzalez (lead guitar), and Juan Cabrera (drums) have shamelessly flaunted their roots upon the release of their debut single “Sarandon” (produced and engineered by Jose Rivera). With an obvious classic rock influence echoing through the guitar work and minimalistic, in-your-face arrangement, Bruvvy has truly found a way to show off the sparks which ignited their flame. Being recognized for their unmatched stage presence, the studio goal was to bottle a mere ounce of that infectious energy to make you sweat.