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“Music speaks to the many different things that we go through in our every day lives such as love, heartbreak and joy. My goal is to give listeners a song to get them through or to help celebrate all those moments in life,” echoes the incredibly talented vocalist, songwriter and artist, Coty Martez. Currently located in Miami, Florida the r&b/pop singer has been channeling his energy into creating and sharing a one of kind sound that is a rarity in today’s modern music landscape. Having held a deep connection with music since the age of seven years old, Coty Martez carries with him a warm, authentic and inviting sound within each song he sings. It’s this tone that has a mesmerizing style attached to it, which can be experienced first hand in his upcoming release, “Millionaire.” Citing influences such as Al Green, Michael Jackson, Tank and P. Diddy – Coty Martez blends a variety of genres into one and creates a unique and remarkable atmosphere unlike anything else.