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Hey there, I'm Christine Alicia. I live in Orange County, California where I was born and raised. In the same week I might write a song, edit a book, create a website, paint something, rescue a new animal, and get a weird look in a restaurant for laughing too dang loud--again. Growing up, my interests were eclectic and I struggled to feel like I fully belonged anywhere. My insecurity led to misguided efforts to recreate myself so I felt like I fit, and that made me vulnerable to some even darker experiences. By the time I was 18, I had been sexually abused for almost my entire high school career, I was stressed and depressed, I was addicted to a few forms of self-harm, and I regularly struggled with suicide. (Yeah... I wasn't kidding when I said it got dark.) But just when I thought my life had reached the end, I was transformed by the goodness of God. He spent years setting my mind and heart straight, healing all the broken pieces. It wasn't quick, it wasn't easy, but it was worth it. A lot of my songs stem from both the journey to overcome these battles as well as the joy I've found along the way. I've faced some dark stuff, but Jesus has never left me there alone. As a growing artist, I still struggle with where I "fit," but I'm just embracing it as who I was created to be. You can read my full story, access chord charts, and more at: