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California-based Pining Band is the latest musical outing for Chris Cibelli, a veteran of many emo, punk, and indie bands in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. An atmospheric and raw emo-rock conjuring reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday, PUP, Bayside, and a hint of grunge. Pining gets right to it with a wall of sound that envelopes the source of its energy – Chris Cibelli himself. Although the subject matter can come across as dark and melancholy, Pining delivers a musical exuberance with a variety of different dynamics and moods. Lone songwriter, Chris Cibelli came to music seeking solace in a rough upbringing, finding in it a way to let go of the anger and disillusionment that colored his early years. As he matured as a songwriter, it became a way for him to grow beyond layers of a complicated past and find acceptance of who he is and where he came from. For him, Pining is about finding genuine peace in the honesty of these emotions, whether they come from a place of darkness or light. Citing diverse influences that range from Tigers Jaw, Brand New, Bayside, Slothrust, and Bear vs. Shark, Cibelli’s earliest influences include

Nirvana and the Doors as well as Billie Holiday. Pining’s debut release, a three-song self-titled EP, is currently available on all digital streaming platforms.