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An intense experience characterized by hard guitars, heavy and driving rhythms and the extraordinary love between bagpipe and violin. Cantus Levitas. Here not only the classical metal fan gets his satisfaction. The melodic music and the captivating singing surround the hard riffs and suck all kinds of listeners into the intense atmosphere of the pictures and stories of Cantus Levitas. On their new album "Auf Grund" there is a feeling of longing for freedom. The euphoria and pain that speak from life are captured in poetry and music. Metaphorical lyrics, which cannot be fully grasped on first hearing, are underpinned in their deep motifs by supporting melodies. It is worth listening through, because the twelve songs offer a diverse selection of cumbersome, balladesque themes, hard edges and joyfully energetic scenes. The band Cantus Levitas is characterized by their shared joy in their music. The influences in the songs are extremely diverse on every level, whether lyrical or musical. Some have known each other since childhood and have been making music in different constellations ever since. They have collected their musical experiences in large groups, alone on the instrument and together on the street. Everyone has their own strong character and together they play the music that is close to their hearts.