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6aha is a rapper, lyricist and a music producer from Aleppo/Syria. He has been playing music since 2007 and founded band ولادالعم wladalamm (the cousins) in Berlin 2016. Aiwa does produce electronic music as well. In his first debut electronic EP " Third space" Aiwa had brought sounds from his metaphysical space's landscapes of post-existing, that combines reality with its beyond. Aiwa has produced lots of different types of music, in his EP " Alley of me " Aiwa had brought himself philosophically to highlight spots of wondering places about inner psychology as well as he made a journey starting from himself first. Aiwa has had many collaborations with different artists from all over the world. Aiwa amalgamates postmodern prose contemporary poetry, Arabic rap, and classical poetry: in doing so, it offers various imageries and concepts which draw from memory. The memory of Aiwa's music draws on, moreover, emanates from displacement, exile, nostalgia, and the politics of home and identity which problematize the path of a marginalized people goes through. Aiwa believes Arabic rap has its own flavor, roots, and agenda. It has its unique approach to social criticism since it derives from the colloquial Arabic and unites the various dialects and streets.