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Hey, You're reading my bio! Cool. THANK YOU! It's just me here, Josh. J Rice is what my friends back in Spanaway, Washington called me and it stuck. I decided to change my formal sounding bio, to a more casual, direct conversation with YOU, because there's no big label backing me, just me. How did I get here? Who am I? Well..... Growing up, I obsessively listened to Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Take 6, Wynton Marsalis, Josh Groban, Usher, Whitney Houston, Brandy, and Kenny G. I studied every riff, solo, tone, lyric, writing credit, etc. In High School, I successfully transitioned from Band Nerd to Choir Boy. I was extremely shy about singing in front of anyone before the age of 17. My Mom never even heard me sing until then, and really only my little sister Erin (who sings also and is on a few songs, shameless plug), and a couple close friends ever heard me sing before that. A band friend of mine, Rocky Sandoval asked me to sing a song for the school talent show with him by Babyface “Every Time I Close My Eyes”..so I reluctantly did (nervous as I’ve ever been) in front of the gym of 1500-2000 students and they went pretty nuts, so I knew that was my path. Fast Forward to 2019, I’ve released over 150 songs, built two youtube channels and have been writing, producing, mixing, filming, editing, all this music you hear. Not making a lot of money, but enough to survive, and sometimes thrive. So, Thank you!!